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Our Bison Meat

At Full Circle Bison Ranch, we specialize in producing some of the best 100% grass-fed bison meat available.  The ranch is located in the beautiful and pristine William’s Valley of Southern Oregon.

Here our herd of bison graze organic pastures and have plenty of clean water to drink, enabling us to provide customers with pure, healthy grass-fed bison meat.

Full Circle Bison Ranch is unique in that we humanely harvest our bison in the field. The low stress field harvest method is the most conducive for producing tender grass fed bison meat that has an excellent flavor.  The maximum health benefits of grass-fed bison meat can only be obtained from bison grazing fresh green grass.  Our bison meat is harvested in June, July, and August, while our organic pastures are at their peak.  This gives our bison meat the highest levels of omega three fatty acids, CLA’s (conjugated linoleic acid), beta carotene and vitamin E. (Please click on our Health Benefits page for more details).

The majority of the bison we harvest are two-year-old bison bulls that weigh about 900 lbs. on the hoof.  Bison at that age produce excellent meat.

Every summer we also harvest a few of our two-year-old bison heifers.  These are reserved for quarter and half buffalo sales.  The bison heifers produce the very best grass-fed bison meat available.  They fatten easily on pasture making the bison steaks from the heifers extra juicy and tender.

Our online store offers a full selection of bison steaks, bison roasts, bison ribs, whole bison tenderloins and a variety of smoked bison sausages.  Click here for our online store.

All of our bison meat is guaranteed to be excellent. Owner, Tobias Hatfield, personally samples a steak from each and every bison harvested to insure that only the very best goes to sale.

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