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Humane Field Harvested Bison


All of our bison are field  harvested, This contributes to the consistent high quality of  our bison meat.

Once a week throughout the summer a mobile Abattoir comes to the ranch and harvests 2-4 animals from our herd of grazing Bison. We have used the same Abattoir since we started the ranch in 2001, simply because they are ethical, professional, and accurate. I have personally accompanied almost every harvest over the last 14 years, to make a traditional tobacco prayer offering, and to insure every bison we harvest is killed quickly and humanely.


It is common knowledge among farmers, butchers, and hunters that meat harvested from animals that are calm and relaxed is more likely to be tender with a clean flavor, whereas meat harvested from animals that are tense and stressed is more likely to be tough and have an off flavor due to higher levels of cortisol and adrenaline. The common method by which the large majority of livestock are harvested, is to corral them, load them into stock trailers, and transport them to a slaughter plant.


Bison, being undomesticated, are easily stressed when confined, and are not well suited for this type of slaughter. For that reason, everyone of our buffalo is field harvested. I believe it makes our bison meat consistently tender and flavorful, and I know it makes our bison's lives and deaths more humane. Over the years many customers have asked me about our atypical harvest process, and I am always amazed at their positive feedback.

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