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Grass-fed Buffalo Meat

Q: How does Buffalo meat compare to beef?

  • Buffalo meat has 3.5 times less fat than beef.*(see chart below)
  • Buffalo meat is lower in cholesterol than beef.*
  • Buffalo meat contains less calories than beef.*bigstock-beef-steak-with-herbs-41076253.jpg
  • Buffalo meat has more iron and vitamin B-12 content than beef.*
  • Buffalo meat has 35% more protein than beef.


Excerpted from the USDA Handbook

Q: What are the health benefits of 100% grass-fed buffalo meat as compared with grain-fed buffalo meat?

Grass-fed buffalo meat is:


About FATS (Good & Bad)

"If you eat a typical amount of beef, switching to a lean grass-fed beef will save you 17,733 calories a year...If everything else in your diet remains constant, you'll lose about six pounds a year".

~ Jo Robinson (eatwild.com)


Data from J. Animal Sci 80(5):1202-11

Q: What types of good fats does 100% Grass-fed buffalo meat contain?

Grass-fed meat is higher in Omega 3 fatty acids as well as CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid)

"Omega-3's are "good fats" that originate in the green leaves of plants and algae. They play a vital role in every cell and system of your body. People who have enough omega-3's in their diet are less likely to have high blood pressure or an irregular heartbeat, and are 50% less likely to suffer a heart attack. Omega-3's are essential for your brain too. People with a diet rich in omega-3's are less likely to suffer from depression, schizophrenia, attention deficit disorder, or Alzheimer's disease. Additionally, animal studies have shown that omega-3's may reduce your risk of cancer."

~ Jo Robinson (eatwild.com)

"Meat from grass-fed animals has 2-4 times more omega-3 fatty acids than meat from grain-fed animals."

~ Jo Robinson (eatwild.com)

The reason 100% Grass-fed buffalo meat has such a high level of omega-3 fatty acids is due to the green grass that they eat. When animals are switched to a grain diet, the levels of omega-3's quickly decline. (see chart below):


Data from J. Animal Sci 1993 71(8):2079-88

Q: What are CLA's?

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), is another type of "good fat". Meat and dairy products are the richest known source of CLA. 100% pasture-raised buffalo meat contains 3-5 times more CLA than grain-fed animals.

"CLA may be one of our most potent defenses against cancer...there is new evidence that CLA may reduce cancer risk in humans. In a Finnish study, women who had the highest levels of CLA in their diet had a 60% lower risk of breast cancer than those with the lowest levels. Switching from grain-fed to grass-fed meat and dairy products puts women in the lowest risk category."

~ Jo Robinson (eatwild.com)

Vitamin E

The meat from grass-fed animals is four times higher in Vitamin E than the meat from grain-fed animals. (see chart below)

"In humans, Vitamin E is linked with a lower risk of heart disease and cancer. This potent anti-oxidant may also have anti-aging properties. Most Americans are deficient in vitamin E."

~ Jo Robinson (eatwild.com)


Data from Smith, G.C. "Dietary supplementation of vitamin E to cattle to improve shelf life and cas beef for domestic and international markets." Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado

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