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100% Grass-Fed Bison Raised on Organic Pastures

In the year 2005, Abigail and I applied for, and received ‘ Organic Certification ‘ for all of the pastures and hay fields on our ranch in Williams, Oregon.  This means that no chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides had been applied to the soil for a minimum of three years prior to 2005.  In actuality, nothing had been applied to our ranch since 1995 when the former owner prepared to put the property on the market.  Our herd of bison continue to graze organic pastures and have plenty of clean water to drink, enabling us to provide customers with pure, healthy grass-fed bison meat.

Not surprisingly, when we purchased the property in 2001, there were acres of noxious weeds including star thistle, Canadian bull thistle, and scotch broom.  After two years and hundreds of hours of weed pulling, we discovered that the way to beat these noxious weeds was to plant something more competitive in their place.  We disked our fields and planted a crop of Sudan grass, (a relative of corn), with two times the recommended pounds of seeds per acre.  What resulted was a dense stand of Sudan grass four feet tall, without a weed in sight!  We made Sudan hay, re-plowed our fields and planted a perennial pasture mix.  Very few weeds came back.

Instead of chemical fertilizers, probably the highest source of water pollution in the world, we use fully composted buffalo manure to fertilize our fields.  The results are lush green pastures that are home to thousands of spring peepers, too many gophers, a multitude of gopher snakes.

Tobias Hatfield
Full Circle Bison Ranch

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